The Inspiration Behind Lychee Bergamot Candle

Lychee (荔枝) , an exotic fruit commonly found in popular fruit markets of Asia. They're about the size of a golf ball. When peeled, it reveals a smooth, silky texture of the Lychee fruit. It has a sweet, tart, almost grape-like flavor and very juicy too. Most people in Asia would eat actual fruit Lychees from the fruit stands, especially during the summer season. Nothing cures thirst better than having chewy, juicy, sweet Lychee fruits in your mouth. Not to mention, it also has solid nutritional value. They are a good source of Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Potassium, and Polyphenols. They have the second highest concentration of Polyphenols (a chemical that acts as an antioxidant) in any fruit. 

In western countries like in North America, the restaurant chefs are slowly getting more creative with their menus. Adding unique ingredients from different parts of the world to improve, and modernize the American cuisine. Lychee is commonly used in drinks due to the sweetness and tartness of the fruit, which makes it the perfect refreshing summer cocktail. They're also used in a lot of salad dishes as well, combining with other fruits such as pomegranate seeds and apples. 

When I started Taolia, I had an idea in mind that I wanted to introduce unique Asian aromas into my candles, because not a lot of people know what Lychee smell like since it's not the type of fruit that you eat every day in California. I didn't want to just make a Lychee candle because just like how cuisines have become modernized, they enhance the American dishes with an Asian flair. Lychee Bergamot came to mind when I was mixing and testing different fragrance combos and this combo came out to be the best one by far. With just a hint of citrusy Bergamot notes, you can still smell Lychee as the main aroma. 

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