Collaboration with Rich and Pour Co.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Rich and Pour Co.; an AAPI owned tea business run by a famous photographer / content creator; Ryan Chua, and content creator; Shirley. They started a tea brand together through their mutual love of tea. Their two collections are functional (FXNL) line and flavored line. The functional (FXNL) consists of four different blends with each its own wellness aim, while the flavored line is focused on making tea more fun and delicious. 

Since our candles have that bonus functionality of turning into drinking vessels at the end of burning, an idea was born to collaborate with a beverage company that would best demonstrate the usage of repurposed candle vessels.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we've decided to partner up together and spread the love by offering Valentine's Day Gift Sets that consist of a tea blend and a candle. You can choose either the Beauty or Dream from Rich and Pour Co.'s FNXL line and your choice of candle scent from Taolia (Szechuan Rose, Honeysuckle Sage, Yuzu Black Tea, or Bamboo Santal). Nothing says I love you more than indulging warm and delicious tea while smelling the aroma of a candle. Perfect for anyone who's love language is receiving gifts, or just yourself because you enjoy self-love and self-care.

Shop the gift sets here.

Visit Rich and Pour Co.